Thursday, August 16, 2007

Social & Work Side Effects

If you're looking for an Andy update, look at the next post. Update was provided minutes before this post.

First, work. Julie works for the Humaine Society of Missouri. I work for a healthcare organization. She works with animals all the time, every day, and I spend a good amount of time at our hospitals around sick people. Long story short: she needs to wash her hands after working with an animal, and I need to Purell as I leave a patient care area. That's about it. No side effects there!

Socially, it's a different story. If you come over to the house and even think you might be catching a bug, don't come over! Joey & Emma cannot go to the babysitter. Andy shouldn't go anywhere with us, not even to the store. Some days his counts will be higher than others, and on these days, we can take a bit more risk, meaning Joey & Emma can go to Target if necessary, or these would be the days that we may take Joey & Emma to the zoo or some other fun thing.

I'm beginning to think we won't have a big birthday party for Emma (she turns 2 September 7). It's just sounding like a bad idea.

I still plan on going to Tucson for a 3- or 4-day weekend in November if at all possible, but no kids will be coming with me, neither will Julie.

Hopefully, we should be back in full force just in time for Christmas, though! So at least there's something to look forward to there.

Wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands. That's the key to Andy's making it through this as problem-free as possible.

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