Saturday, August 11, 2007

Day 2

Andy is still his usually happy self. He's a bit stressed because he can't get down on the floor and play, plus he wants to be home with his brother and sister. They weren't able to get him into surgery today, but he is now schedule for 8:00am tomorrow. A couple days in the ICU, then we'll be able to get the chemo started.

Big brother and sister came to see Andy today. They were both very happy to see him and he was happy to see them. We had a good time. They just got a bunch of brand new toys in the play room here in 4 north, so we were volunteered to help get them unpacked, put together, and marked "4 North". Joey helped a lot. Joey and Emma had a good time playing with the toys up here, they got to the point to where they were starting to feel comfortable here in the hospital environment, which is a step in the right direction.

Andy has been taking regular walks with us. At Glennon a walk means he hops in a wagon while mommy pulls the wagon and daddy wheels around his IV pump. But he really enjoys his "walks" around the campus, and everyone loves seeing his bright blue eyes. Unfortunately we won't be able to go for any more walks once he's in ICU, but we'll find other things to keep him happy.
All in all, the general feeling was positive today, even from his surgeon and his Oncologist. Everyone just has a good feeling about his case.

We are very happy with everything to do with Glennon. His Oncologist is new, but we were told, in these exact words, "She's a world-renown Oncologist." His surgery was to be performed by the chief of surgery, except that now that it's on Saturday, it will probably be performed by his partner, which we're told is just as good. Andy is being treated like royalty here, as are the rest of us. I think the fact that he's a cancer patient has quite a bit to do with it... that and those big blue eyes of his. Despite all the long waits we've had in the ER here in the past, I can honestly say this is the best hospital experience we've had... so far anyway.... oh yeah, and their new PACS system helps there too. Everyone I talk to from techs to nurses to doctors to my own family is really happy with the system, and the images they were able to show us were just fantastic. They were very sad, too, considering the images show 80% tumor and about 20% liver. It's huge.

So all in all, things are going as well as possible given the cirumstances. All the bases seem to be covered, he seems to be in the best possible hands. The only thing left to really worry about is whether or not he will take to the chemo. But everyone seems optimistic about it.

So that's the Day 2 update. Don't worry, there won't be an update every day, but I wanted to make sure I was able to get out a somewhat positive note when I could.

And incase you're wondering his chances, we won't know for sure until after the biopsy results are in on Monday, but at worst it should be 50% and at best around 85%. Right now, it's looking like it could possibly be the best-case scenario. Keep your hopes up!

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