Saturday, August 25, 2007

Day 17

Day 17 should be a long day. As you read in the *Important* post, Andy ran a fever last night of 103.6. I think he's still hot right now. This should mean that we won't be going home today and possibly not tomorrow.

So yeah, this scared the crap out of me. I keep hearing that infections can be fatal, and next thing I know he's running a > 103 fever. Normally with a child I don't worry about a > 103 fever unless we can't break it. 103 isn't nearly as bad for a kid as it is for you or me. It's about like you or me running 100 or 101.

On to top of the fever, Andy threw up this morning at 3:30. His belly his bothering him now, but he also just received his medicine.

Blood tests are in, hopefully soon we'll find out what's causing this fever. I"ll update when appropriate.

Be sure to read *IMPORTANT* for chemo rules of the game. I don't know how much clearer it can get than simply, "Don't come around if you're sick, think you may be sick, or have been around anyone who's sick." Also, remember I"m not singling anyone out, but there have just been too many rules being bent lately. No more.

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Anonymous said...

I was hoping that you wouldn't think we don't care enough to come see Andy at the hospital, but we have so many allergies and we're never positive that it isn't something else. We refuse to take a chance on giving Andy something.I meant to tell you this before, but kept thinking I would go to the doctor to make sure. Someone always seems to be sick at work.

We love you all very much and will see you when Andy is stronger and we are sure we aren't carrying extras with us.

If there is anything we can do, let us know.


Uncle Phil &
Aunt Carolyn