Monday, August 27, 2007

See? That wasn't so hard!

Thank you, kind lurkers, for posting! ;)

I'm going to keep with my tradition of not responding to posts directly, but to hint at them indirectly.

Ok, there were a few good things to come out of the 60s, and I'll give ya your muscle cars. Didn't the Zep get their start in the 60s? Hmm.. what else... Ok, some of the music wasn't bad. Oh yeah, and the first of Gen X were born in the late 60s, so the 60s weren't all that bad I guess.

But the 90s are still better. You old fuddy-duddys! Now let me borrow a $20 because I just had new subs put in the back of my Honda Civic. (ouch, that one almost hits close to home) :)

Glad to see you all still have a sense of humor along with me. And I'd like to thank Jay & friends for their prayers on Sunday. We're home Monday, so I think that may have done some good.

Glad to see the neighbors joining in the fun! ;) I was thinking about the block party, and unfortunately we won't be able to contribute much to the festivities. Depending on Andy's counts, I'm thinking that, at best, Julie and I will be able to come out alone, one at a time, for a short period of time while wearing a face mask (think SARS masks). Yeah, it sucks doesn't it.

I'm going to enjoy my home. See ya all, and keep the comments coming! I love hearing from you all.

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