Friday, August 31, 2007

Day 23

Andy's doing great. I think bumping him up to from .5mL to 1mL of Oxycodone was a good move. That seems to have taken care of his problem, and that's still within his dosage given his weight.

Andy will receive Vincristine today, officially ending the first round of chemo.

I expect we'll be going home today, and by tonight I will be sitting at my computer, playing Tiger Woods Golf 2007, drinking a Killian's Irish Red.

I took off of work today. Too busy of a day with goings-on at the hospital with Andy. I put in quite a few extra hours last night and should be able to top off the remainder later this weekend. God love my manager for letting me get away with doing things like that during this trying time. My boss and I used to go back and forth a lot, we had some differences of opinion for a while. Slowly over the last year, we've begun to be able to see eye-to-eye a lot more. He's turned into a great guy to work for. (He doesn't read this website, so I can say this stuff without being perceived as sucking up) :)

Andy's sitting in his bed playing. I walked out to get some ice and came back in to him waving at me, saying hi, then saying dadadada. He's really back to himself.

A word on charities...

I'm normally on the "giving" side of charity. It's quite an adjustment to being on the "receiving" side. I can't wait until this is all over so I can get back to being on the "giving" side of charity. It's a much better feeling.

United Way time is coming around at work again. You know, the charity that your bosses guilt-trip you into giving to so that they can make their goals and look good to the public.

If you donate to the United Way, I would urge you to fill out the part of the form that you can give to a specific charity. Namely, the American Cancer Society. However, I would rather you take the money you would have otherwise given to the United Way and give it to Friends of Kids With Cancer, Basket of Hope, St. Baldrick's, National Children's Cancer Society, Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center, or anything else that will help, in particular, children with cancer.

I have nothing against the United Way. What they do is great. I have to say, though, that I do not like the way they campaign in the workplace and the way that many employers (mine is NOT one of them) pressure you into giving. Give to the United Way if you wish. However, I'd just rather see that money go to something more specifically aimed at helping kids like Andy.

And speaking of charities, we'll be sending out appropriate thank-you cards (all 10,000 of them) when this is all over. And to all of the charities that are helping us, we'll give back when this is over. And to all of the friends and family who are helping us, I know you won't let us give back, but we'll find ways to give back.

After I posted yesterday, in regards to my grandfather, I realized that I need to just take that hit when it comes. I was worried about my grandfather before this with Andy, I can't afford to take it on again with this going on. If anything derails me, my family will fall into chaos and I just can't have that. I like to take some credit for the fact that my wife and my other 2 kids are all keeping their wits about them and are still leading somewhat normal lives given what's going on.

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Anonymous said...

Great news...I can almost see Andy waving and smiling at you. I hope your simple wish for spending the evening at home comes true. You certainly deserve it!

Last night Joey showed pawpaw and me how his Grandma Gambill taught him to pray. He was very serious. He had just been talking about Andy being sick. It was so sweet!!

You have three precious children.