Friday, August 24, 2007

Day 16, Morning (Updated 10:50am)

* Update * - We'll be going home tomorrow, not today.

First of all, welcome to our newest group of readers. Apparently an e-mail went around to the 4th floor nurses with a link here. Everyone say hi to Andy's nurses!

So it's looking like Andy may be going home today. I told our nurse that if it is too late in the day, we'd rather go home in the morning. I learned last time around that, mainly because of the 3 kids (Andy included), it's actually easier to just stay another night than to go home in the evening. So we'll see.

By the way, he's getting his Vincristine today instead of tomorrow (that's the next part of chemo).

Andy continues to be fed through his port. His pain meds and nausea meds seem to be doing their job very well. And Giada is on the Today show right now. She'd be a lot more attractive if she wasn't so snobby. You can just tell she's a snobby bitch by looking at her.

Andy's getting pretty restless. I think he's ready to go home. He's still sleeping more than usual, but I'm starting to think it may be boredom. I'll update as necessary.

By the way, when you get a chance, check out the Cardinal Glennon Child Life Department Donation Wish List. Donate some stuff. Just make sure it's new stuff, not used.

And I still hate the beeping of an IV pump.

Martina McBride annoys me.

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