Monday, August 20, 2007

What I Expect Today

Andy's appointment with his oncologist is today. I expect to be re-admitted to the hospital. He's looking pretty malnourished and won't eat very much. His liver is huge and is pressing on his belly, making it painful for him to eat. And because he's on Tylenol with Codeine, his belly gets upset if he takes it on an empty stomach. Chicken and Egg.

And yes, I read the post about a friend with too much chemo getting throat infections, etc. Paranoia.

And yes, I hear what people are saying about chemo, cancer, etc. because they read it on the Internet or heard it from a friend. Paranoia.

Unless you were told something by a Cardinal Glennon nurse or doctor, I don't want to hear it, so keep it away from me. And if you were told something by a Glennon nurse or doctor, then I've already heard it.

Long story short... You're not Andy's doctor, so don't give me diagnoses please.

While I believe in free speech, now is not the time for paranoia, so I do exercise my right to delete posts at will. Paranoia posts will be deleted. Sorry. My website, my rules.


Anonymous said...

Go Andy!!! It's all about you!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Go Andy!!! ( and Daddy!! )
It's all about you!!!!