Thursday, August 23, 2007

Possible Parole

Our parole hearing is tomorrow. Hopefully we will be granted parole with house arrest. In other words, it looks like we'll be going home tomorrow (probably evening), and sent home with an IV pump and appropriate equipment to be able to continue to give him nutrients through his port, only from home instead of from the hospital.

Now, for some potentially good news. Let's say we should be cautiously optimistic about this. Over the last couple of days, I think I've noticed the size of his tumor decreasing a bit. Mommy seems to think it feels a bit better as well. Ya know how I keep telling you all not to diagnose Andy for me, right? Well, same thing, I'm not going to make diagnoses for the little guy. That's why I haven't posted anything until now.

One of the oncologists asked me what I thought this morning and I explained the above to him. He looked at it and felt around and generally agreed. He didn't say, flat out, that the tumor is going down, but he seems to think that it is possible that the chemo is beginning to work.

This is nothing to get worked up over. Don't get your hopes too far up, just look at this for what it is: another positive sign.

...and nobody's commented on any of my literary references yet. I figured I'd get something on the Ford comment, considering it was right after a comment about red light cameras. Think people!

It pays to be obvious, especially if you have a reputation for subtlety. (Ok class, this is a freebie. That's Isaac Asimov. However, you can draw your own conclusions as to any connections, if any.)


Anonymous said...

Okay...enough with the parole comments or I will be forced to contact the United Ex-Felons Association...wait...UEFA...whoops,cannot use that or the European Football (real football, not soccer) hooligans will be upset that I stole their thingy. most of my clients will attest, parole isn't so bad, as long as I'm not your officer. You guys have been going through a lot. We have you in our thoughts all of the time. We check the blog a few times a day and have left you some comments. Didn't leave the name, but figured you knew who it was. Keep your chins up.

Anonymous said...

By the way, Al recognized each and every one of the literary references. I did not. Azimov (sp) was one of his favorites.