Monday, October 22, 2007

Better Today & Surgery Schedule

Ok, so I had a moment yesterday. It's just that the "moment" lasted 24 hours.

Getting ready to go into surgery to get the port out. 10 or 15 minutes. However, he's getting admitted afterward so he can continue to get his antibiotics. Since he won't have a port, we can't give him his antibiotics at home, so he needs to be admitted.

The tumor is coming out next Wednesday. There goes Halloween. :-/


Anonymous said...

I hope to God I did not some how give Andy any "bugs". I have tried to saty away so as not complicate his life in an way! Go Andy Go!!!!!
Much Love and Many Prayers

andrew 4 life said...

Don't worry Patience, you didn't give him his infections. See the next post.

Did I get it right? Patience?

Anonymous said...

;-) ( yes, it's me! )

Fire up the fire pit -- we'll all be outside roasting marshmallows watching the family be a FAMILY!