Friday, October 5, 2007

Tests, Scans, Chemo, Surgery, & Emma Farts

First an Emma Update: She now farts and blames it on me. Little stinker.

Ok, here's what's up with Andy. Vincristine (chemo) today. His counts are up. Way up. That is excellent news. No Neupogin until next chemo! Neupogin is a shot that he has to get nightly that we have to give him. So yeah, that's great news.

Tuesday is his hearing test. Friday is a CT scan (and chemo). Depending on his hearing loss + CT scan results we may skip chemo cycle #4 and go straight to surgery. Don't forget ladies, gentlemen, and Greg, that the surgery is a major deal. And that there are 2 more chemo cycles after surgery, both of which have the potential to cause more hearing loss.

If he has more hearing loss but is not quite ready for surgery, they may be able to cut back his dose of Cisplatin for the next cycle and supplement it with another chemo drug with its own fun side effects.

SO in 2 weeks Andy could be in surgery instead of getting chemo. I asked how long it will take to recover and she said it depends on what is seen in the CT scan.

Andy's rash. I'm not sure if I've mentioned it. His port is accessed with a butterfly needle. This is held in place by a big piece of tape. Well, this tape is finally irritating his skin. It looks really bad. It itches him like crazy. We're keeping him full of Benadryl to combat the itching. Not fun. But since he has to be on TPN, we have no choice.

That's it for now. Have a great weekend!

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