Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Weird Morning

Nothing real weird about it, it is just a weird feeling morning.

We didn't have to be at the hospital until 7:00 today since they don't start surgery until 8:30 on Wednesdays. That was nice. Andy did not like being woken up and hungry.

I dropped off Julie & Andy at the front door then parked and came up. When I came up, Julie was standing there with two bags that she didn't bring in. One contained a Breakfast Pizza from St. Louis Bread Company (aka Panera), the other contained Halloween goodies for Joey & Emma. I missed our special visitors, but Julie said it was two employees who have been reading this site. To these mysterious employees, thank you very much! We really appreciate it.

You know the Verizon commercial with the cheap Steve Martin knockoff? "Cuz you're my number one" guy. Yeah, him. I want to give him a roundhouse kick to the side of the face while wearing steel toe boots.

So back to the weird morning. Andy's surgeon explained that they would first install the port then would do the "left hepectomy" (fancy term for removing the tumor). He'll be in surgery for anywhere from 4 hours to 8 or more. This will be a long day. After surgery he'll be moved back to the PICU, possibly with a breathing tube.

But once again I'm getting ahead of myself. It just felt weird this morning. Probably because we knew what was about to happen to Andy but he didn't know. I dunno. I felt better, though, when I saw a familiar face.

I used to work with the nurse who came to get Andy. She was overseeing a surgery-related project that I was involved with. We never knew each other real well, but it was nice that she came to get him. Knowing that he was in her hands took a lot of the sting out of seeing him being carried into the OR while reaching out for Mommy & me.

So that's the weird morning so far. As I type this he's having a new port installed. They haven't started removing his tumor yet.

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Anonymous said...

I want you to know that I have been and will continue to pray for Andy as he battles and WINS against the cancer! Also, I know (from reading this site regularly), that you have mixed feelings in regards to God. I totally understand where you are coming from Danny. We've all been there. We've not all been there for the same reasons, however, we all have doubts at times, for our own individual reasons. I want to share with you and Julie, a comment that was made to me during one of my "doubtful" times. It REALLY helped me to understand God, in a way that I never did before that person opened my eyes. I pray that you will have the same kind of revelation. Bear in mind...I am not preaching, just simply trying to give you a new thought to ponder...or not. Just know that I am writing this because I CARE! Here goes....
We, as human beings, tend to blame God when our lives are turned upside down, inside out, and we suffer the greastest and most painful loss. We find ourselves angry with God, and some of us refuse to believe that God even exists. If he did, and he's so wonderful, then why would he allow this to happen to us?! The answer is this..God DID NOT ALLOW this to happen. WE allowed God to stay out of our lives by not keeping him in our thoughts, our hearts, our prayers. By not asking God to come into your heart, and stay with you for all the days of your are ALLOWING the evils of the devil to work. When I pray to God now, I also pray for him to help me to refute the evil powers that are causing me to doubt our Heavenly Father! He is there, Danny and Julie, but he will not force himself upon you. You have to ask him daily to be with you. You also need to thank him for all of the wonderful people and possessions that you DO have. Right about now, I am thanking HIM for healing your precious baby boy, because I don't need to wait for the surgery to be over. I truly believe that God is with Andy in that operating room right now, and he is guiding the hands of the surgeons and keeping them strong, so that they may help God with the miracle of removing every bit of Andy's cancer. I also pray right now that you will not be angry with me for writing this. I am not in any way a religious fanatic. I don't even regularly attend church. I pretty much only go for weddings and funerals. But God understands where my heart is...even if my body is not parked in a church pew on Sunday mornings.

andrew 4 life said...

Of course I'm not mad. Thank you for posting! It was a great read and was definitely food for thought.