Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Transfusion Done

Andy's lips are red again instead of greyish-white. Even though he didn't look like he needed blood, he really looks a lot better now. Fortunately I was able to work while he was getting his blood. He finally fell asleep 30 minutes before the blood was done. *sigh*

Chemo Friday. Chemo a week from Friday.

His next chemo cycle starts 10/17. I'll be in Wisconsin for work 10/15 and 10/16. Andy will get a hearing test on Friday, 10/12. Depending on the results of the hearing test, they may have to cut back on his Cisplatin, which is the chemo drug that causes hearing loss. The thing is we don't want him to get to the point to where his hearing loss interferes with his speech development.

If worst came to worst, they would be able to take him into surgery with no more chemo. However, the more chemo we can get, the smaller this thing will get and the better the chances of surgery working. Remember folks, this is a very, very major procedure. He's a baby, but if it were you or me, we'd be out for weeks or months.

The future of chemo & surgery will depend on the results of his next hearing test on 10/12.

By the way, his white blood cell counts and platelets are up still. Neupogen rox!

Annoyed - I love your annoying coworker site. That's awesome. I'll look into it a bit deeper a bit later. It reminds me of a website I used to have called "Cow-orkers are Idiots!" :)

Brockshit - We're gonna need to have one of those Fridays real soon.

Greg - Bite me.

Dad - I need to borrow your industrial strength stapler and some chloroform.

Mom or Jim - Punch my sister in the arm for me. Hard. Make it hurt.

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