Thursday, October 4, 2007

Funniest. South Park. Evar.

I almost crapped myself.

Speaking of people who crap themselves, Small's doing just fine. He hasn't had Zofran in a few days. That's the anti-nausea drug. This is a good thing.

He's been getting a lot of Oxycodone lately. He's obviously in pain. However, we're really starting to think it's just his teeth. He's getting like 7 teeth in at once. Nonetheless, pain is pain.

And I just completed a major milestone on a project at work. I'm a network guy but I love coding from time to time. And when it works, it makes me feel really good. Especially since I'm not a programmer.

Since things are going relatively smooth today, I'm waiting for a script to finish running then I'm going to go into the office for a while. Hopefully Julie can make it into her office somtime next week, maybe? We'll see how things go.

The 4.2 mile bike ride into work is all uphill, and I'm in a lazy mood today. *sigh*

Greg, quit acting Kanadian.

Time until our belated honeymoon in Vegas: 19317244 seconds.


Anonymous said...

I really think that it is time for you to get a different hobby other than numbers. We really need to figure this out. Glad to hear that everything is going well.
Mike & Janice

Anonymous said...

Okay, that was actually the 2nd funniest South park ever, the funniest one ever was right before it, the Wheel of fortune episode. Apologize........Apologize.....

As far as the Kanadians.....bite me! I will put a post-it note on yer head, you A/6 off suit playing buttmunch.

For Mike and Janice...he does have another hobby, but due to the Blog Decency Act, I will not share it (besides, there are good clean christians that read this stuff).

Regarding the 4 &1/2 mile bike ride....Run Forest Run!