Tuesday, October 30, 2007

T Minus 15 Hours

...give or take...

Nothing new going on. Just mentally preparing for surgery. Again.

We're gonna carve the pumpkin tonight. That should be a fun adventure for Joey and maybe Emma.

I'd like to go out to dinner with the whole family tonight. Or something like that. Something nice before the feces hits the rotational cooling device.

Gracie (the 160-pound mastiff) let one fly last night. At like 3:00am. It was so rank that it woke up Julie and me. It was the worst smelling god-awful thing I've ever had the displeasure to be around. And I grew up around my stepfather! Oh my god it was horrible. It woke us up from a dead frickin sleep! Gah!

Talked to Jason a few days ago. Sounds like the new mom & dad are doing great. Jason started asking me if I know the 5 S's or some crap like that. I told him to forget about all that crap and just raise his kid. He pretty much agreed. :)

That's about it for now. More tomorrow.

Imagine Courtney Love, a Jon Bon Jovi impersonator c1986 (yeah, impersonator not the real thing even), Vanilla Ice, and Vanity Smurf all rolled into one. Now imagine this character hasn't slept in 72 hours. Now imagine him on LSD. Now pretend this has all happened about 2 weeks after a frontal labotomy. Give him a man-purse. Put a crappy German beer in one hand and a Keno card in the other. Voila! You have my cousin Greg!


Anonymous said...

Dan and Julie,
I just wanted to tell you I enjoyed visiting your family on Saturday! The kids are all so cute!!! Also I'll be keeping you all in my prayers tomorrow especially Andy.

Anonymous said...

Everybody is praying for Andy. He will be free of cancer today!!

Anonymous said...

The Five S's that your Uncle Jason referred to...they WORK with infants who are crying and need to be soothed!
1. Swaddling (they feel secure, like in the womb)
2. side/stomach positioning in parents' arms. ( closeness gives sense of security)
3. Shushing. (the sound we make when shushing, actually resembles the sound that babies hear while in the womb...more security)
4. Swinging, back and forth in your arms, or in the baby swing. ( Again, reminds infants of being back in the womb, swishing back and forth in mommy's amniotic fluid as she moved around)
5. Sucking. ( Why pacifiers and thumbs were invented after weaning from mother's breast)
So it's all about security. Not just for babies either. Even adults will curl up with a blanket (in the fetal position)when feeling sad, depressed,or trying to sleep.
So as soon as Andy is able to be in your arms, wrap him in a blanket and hold him close, and try the shhhh sound. It should soothe him and make him feel safe!