Friday, October 12, 2007

lol cancer is teh sux. pwnz3d!

Sorry for the gamer speak in the title. Just had to do it.

Ok so the cancer hasn't been pwnz3d yet. But we're counting down the days! uber pwn4g3 in T minus 5 days.

Vincristine today. This will be the last of the chemo for a few weeks.

It's cold in this house, but I refuse to turn on the heater a few days after 90+ degree temps.

Let's hope Andy's counts are up. Way up. My mom & stepdad are coming over tonight and are interested in possibly borrowing Medium & Large for the night. Yes, all night. It would be a huge break.

I'm optimistic. We're beginning the "honeymoon week" as I call it. The last week of chemo where counts are up, pain and nausea are down, and he doesn't even need Neupogin to keep his counts up.

...all just in time for him to be pwnz3d by surgery.

Andy didn't unscrew his posiflow last night. But he was up all night. Yeah, all night. Not really sure what was wrong with him. No real pain, no fever, no nothing. Just awake. Meanwhile, I'm weaning myself off caffeine, so last night I was dead tired. Julie tended to Andy all night. She rox.

I have a new drum instructor. Mark got a well-paying job in the IT industry. Congrats to him. My new guy seems pretty cool. We'll see how it goes.

Friday. What's this mean? Well, let's see the agenda:
3:00pm - Crack open a bizzeer while I check myspace, blogspot, and personal e-mail.
4:00pm - Head downstairs for a bit and do some banging on da drums while Andy sleeps right through it.
5:00pm - Pick up the phone to call Grandpa Kelley, then get sad when I realize I can't. Recover hearing.
6:00pm - My mom & stepdad are coming over for a bit. Continue to recover hearing.
10:30pm - Pass out and feel guilty / old for being dead tired at 10:30pm on a Fridizzay.

I've really been getting into death metal lately. Kinda strange. I guess it's 3 reasons: 1) Good stress relief. 2) Death metal musicians are extremely talented. Don't believe me? Watch! 3) Dethklok rox!

Maybe I could play some of that stuff on guitar, but definitely not on drums yet. That's the goal though. :)


Anonymous said...

I worry about you-JS

Anonymous said...

This one band camp....we played some death metal on the was kewl!....then this other band camp...we played a death metal version of the kanadian national was 2 kewl!