Monday, October 1, 2007

Blood Transfusion

Andy's hemoglobin has been consistently low. Although he looks just fine, he's been on the cusp of needing blood for some time now, and he's done pretty well to make it this far.

But this is as far as he can make it. He's getting some Type O Negative tomorrow, and I'm not referring to one of the greatest bands of all time, I'm referring to the actual blood. But maybe I'll bring a Typo CD for him to listen to while he's getting blood. Yes, the boy LOVES metal. Literally. He's a big fan of Puppets. It puts him to sleep. Don't believe me, ask my wife. It's true.

Anyway, 8:00am he gets a blood transfusion. Should take 4 hours or so. It's not really a big deal. It's kinda like getting fluids through an IV, only it's a bag of blood instead of fluids.

Now where'd I put that stapler?


Anonymous said...

Type O they do any Poison covers? Puppets? Is that by LA Guns? I often confuse it with the Ballad of Jayne!
I will hit 2 updates with one post. As far as I are free to say whatever you want in this country and not care who you piss off in the process. After all, that was one of the reasons we left england (that and being too close to the french). So if you are angry at God, say it and don't worry about offending anyone....maybe they need to be offended! (sounds like a verse from an ST song). Besides, look at how the devil tempted God's ego when he tortured JOB, just to prove how loyal the poor guy would be. Almost fringes on sadistic!
I will stop my Eric Cartman surmon for now. Anglo-Saxon American signing off...peace!

Annoyed said...

I think of you guys often. I hope you're all hanging in there, and I'm sending Andy good thoughts for the transfusion :)

Annoyed said...

Danny, I thought you might be able to use a good laugh today. I used to work with an annoying girl, and created a blog about it:

Anonymous said...

Just heard you were back home after the transfusion. I'm glad that's done and I hope it helps him.

Anonymous said...

Just in case you didnt know this son..... I DO own an industrial stapler and I WILL use it. And yes, you may barrow it from time to time if necessary for your friends he he