Monday, October 29, 2007

T Minus 36 Hours

Give or take.

Andy's last appointment before surgery was today. You know, just the usual $25 a pop run-of-the-mill appointment. He was looked over with a fine-tooth comb, which is apparently what they do before surgery. Ok. Fine. Since he doesn't have a port anymore. It suxed getting blood. Really bad.

Joey went with us and helped keep Andy happy. He also colored a Halloween picture. David from Child Life Services was there and gave Joey a big Halloween bucket-o-crap. All kinds of goodies. It made Joey really happy and is now also making Emma happy. Except for the fighting over the crap in said bucket.

Andy is up to 8.6Kg. This is where he needs to be. Even though there is no more TPN, he's still doing well. Maybe he can stay off the TPN?

Surgery is Wednesday at 8:30am. We need to be at the hospitizzle at 6:30. Yay. I'm so thrilled about being there at 6:30 that I think I'm just going to crap myself.

Surgery will take anywhere from 2 - 8 hours. Recovery will take anywhere from 2 days to ???. We just don't know yet.

He will have a port reinstalled along with his surgery. Along with Javascript. (a reference to my use of the term "reinstalled")

Julie's mom is staying the night on Tuesday so that she can take care of Medium and Large the next day.

Emma has been going potty all day. Not sure how many diapers we've gone through today, but it is less than a normal day. Yay Emma!

Speaking of which, I understand Greg has been doing better with his potty training lately. He might be wearing Wonder Woman undies by this time next year! Yay Greg! We're all pulling for you.

Emma, what the hell are you doing?

Ok, I'm back. Emma was in the sink again.

Hi Bob! DRINK!


Anonymous said...

You know, Mr. Eurotrash wannabe...we don't use Kg's here in the good ole USA, We use this system of measurement called pounds, so when referring to a weight..PLEASE put it in pounds, so everybody knows how the hell much he weighs!
Now I know you also want to be hip and all southside ghetto, but what are you gonna tell your peeps.. Hey, look at my 84 Cm rims?? Check out my 50 g's of bling??
Drop the French Kanadian measures for long enough to inform people that he weighs 19.006 pounds!
And are you mocking my depends? Please don't, I got them to match my man-purse, which BTW, I wore with pride in bite me!

Anonymous said...

Greg, you ROCK!!! LOL!!!
Looking forward to seeing you at the next Hannah Montana concert!!!
Hi Danny!
Love, Pai and B