Thursday, October 11, 2007

I Like Grape Kool-Aid

Grape Kool-Aid is good.

Last night Andy started whining around 9:30. Julie went up to check on him because I was watching one of the dumbest episodes of South Park. Since I don't watch TV very much, she let me watch and went up to tend to him. Then I heard, "Danny come here now!"

Blood was everywhere.

Like any good story, I'll go ahead and cut the storyline right here so I can provide some background information.

[Screen to black, no fade, the words "8 days earlier..." appear in white print at the bottom of the screen.]

[The words remain on the screen as we fade into Andy crawling on the floor in the dining room 8 days earlier.]

So yeah, all cinema effects aside, about 8 days earlier Andy figured out how to remove his posiflow. When his TPN isn't hooked up it's not a huge deal because the tube coming from his port is clamped. No biggie.

[Screen fades back to Andy's bedroom with "blood all over the place."]

Unfortunately when his TPN is plugged in and running and he removes his posiflow, blood comes out his tube. Don't worry folks, he won't "bleed out" because of this because eventually it will clot. If it clots, that's a bad thing. Very bad. Not to mention the fact that there was blood and sticky TPN all over everything. So while Julie cleaned up blood and TPN I put a new posiflow on Andy, flushed him, and restarted his TPN.

It's weird how things progress. When Joey got his first shots as a baby, it really hurt me to see the tiny drop of blood just because it was Joey's blood. 3 months ago if I had walked in and saw Andy's blood all over the place, I would have flipped. Now, no big deal. I was just happy he didn't clot.

In other news, I'm riding my bike to and from work now consistently. Compared to my normal bike ride, it's nothing at all to ride the 4.2 miles to work. I enjoy the freedom. And with the 40 construction + Bellevue bridge being out, it now takes me longer to drive to work than to ride.

Julie has a Dr. appointment today, I have one in a week or so. We've been forgetting to care for ourselves. Nothing major, just checkups. Ok, I lied. Checkups, plus Julie needs to have a nasty bump looked at. I want a hearing test and a few other things. Ya get the idea.

Andy's last chemo for a few weeks is tomorrow. Vincristine. Yay.

Emma has a black ring around her bright blue irises. It really brings out her eyes. There's only one other person who I've ever noticed with rings in their irises: Grandpa Kelley.

Emma farted.


Anonymous said...

WTF are you talking about ? Is Andy okay or not ?

andrew 4 life said...

Read the post and answer your own question.