Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Plan for Today

We should find out from disease control how much longer they want to keep him on antibiotics. If they say another 24 hours, then he will probably stay in the hospital another day and go home with no foreign devices inside his body. If they want it to go for another week, he'll get his PICC line and go home this evening. Probably late evening would be the plan.

In either case, we're here all day today. The question is will we be spending the night.

Right now Andy's sitting next to me on the little chair-to-bed changer thingie. He's cute as can be and happy as can be sitting here, except that he keeps pressing buttons on my laptop. He turned it off a few minutes ago while I was trying to make a change to some equipmenet at work. :-/

I have a new cousin. I can't seem to type this out, so I'll just say "Jason & Amy" had their baby yesterday! Baby Allison was born, healthy as can be. Sorry, considering they're my age or may be a year or 2 or 3 older, I just can't refer to them as my aunt & uncle. Sounds weird. :)

Allison was born in the same hospital as Jared & Lauren, yet somehow came out normal. How odd. Maybe Jared & Lauren are just like that and the hospital had nothing to do with it.

I was just chuckling about something. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING at my office is highly political. I was thinking about that in comparison to what a good friend recently told me. People who are into office politics are either weak, insecure, or don't have enough to do. Now I think about that statement and some of the people at my office who are more political than others. They have plenty to do. :)

Andy's hair is really starting to come back now. Very thin and very blond, but it's coming back. Two more chemo cycles should get it falling out again, but not 100%. We'll probably shave him anyway if necessary.

I need someone to do me a huge favor. Punch Lauren in the arm so hard that she thinks it's broken. But wait to do it until about 12 hours after she gets a flu shot. That'll learn her!

Bite me Greg!


Anonymous said...

I just wrote this but I dont think it came through for some reason but congrats. to Jason and Amy on the new baby girl. How exciting !

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Jason and Amy!!!

Allison is such a pretty name.

I heard your new cousin has already got a knick name ... A.J.?

Forget about punching your sister in the arm, punch her Daddy!