Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Greg Eats Cow Patties

There's a certain type of bacteria that we all carry around with us on our skin. It's colonized all over our bodies. While semi drug-resistant, it's not the super-staph that you hear about.

Ok, so you now know that. Now know this...

Andy's port needs to be reaccessed every 7 days. This means they pull out the old needle and put in a new one.

What probably happened was last time he was accessed, we got lucky and a bug made it onto his needle. Boom, instant bug-in-the-blood.

They're going to take another culture today to see if the antibiotic is helping.

We'll be giving Andy his antibiotics intraveniously (through his port) at home. He'll be discharged any time now. His home health nurse will be by at 4:00 to show us what we need to do to give him his antibiotics at home.

Worst-case scenario is that they need to take out his port and install a new one when they go in to whack the tumor.

Andy is ok to go without chemo & surgery for a couple weeks if need be. Even 3 is fine. So yeah, the tumor may grow a bit, but nothing to be concerned with for the time being.


Anonymous said...

What in all of sciences' creation does greg and his eating habits have to do with this site? Science be praised! Remember, if there were no religion, we would still have wars because the French Kanadians feel they deserve hawaii!

Anonymous said...

WOW, that's surprising about Greg! In fact, I couldnt be more surprised if I woke with my fac...
Well, I bet you know what I was going to say :-)