Thursday, October 25, 2007

Going Home Today; Surgery Info [Updated]

It looks like we'll be going home today. A few more days of downtime, then the proverbial fecal matter hits the proverbial fan next Wednesday. Surgery next Wednesday will take anywhere from 2 - 8 hours. He is scheduled to start at noon but they're trying to get that moved to first-thing.

One of us will leave to take Joey & Emma trick-or-treating that evening. It is, afterall, Halloween. Joey's so excited about being Darth Vader.

Not much else to report on for now. I'll [Update] this post if necessary.

I hope I didn't offend anyone with this post. I mentioned Halloween but didn't mention Dia de los Muertos, Samhain, All Saints Day, or anything else. That's not very politically correct of me.

Update: I was lying. Greg never got over his crush on Nikki Sixx. He still has a crush on the Sixxmeister.

Now for the real update: We're home. My kids are being stentorious. Patience is here. Damn Lemay crap weasel she is! Crap weasels aside, we're home, Andy is happy and not running a temperature, and the 3 kids have been enjoying each other's company all day. Now if you'll excuse me, Joey just stole a drink of my Mt. Dew. I need to peel him off the ceiling.

Hi Bob! DRINK!


Anonymous said...

Hola, my name is Jesus Avacado. I am from West Covina. I have been reading your numerous updates and I am glad your family is doing well.
I have made many observations and will share them with you now. Firstly, you are a very sensitive person. Not since Brian Boitono have I seen a man so free with his emotions. Secondly, you obviously have a man-love crush on this Greg person. I must meet this man, he must be a true marvel of creation. Thirdly, you have an admiration for Canada and all things Canadian. I must go there some day and see all of the wonderful sites. Lastly, you have offended many and insulted even more, but keep doing it, for it is better to offend than be offended!
I enjoy America, though I seem to have misplaced my green card. I like it because I am free to do whatever I want and say whatever I want, even if I leave a preposition at the end of. And keep talking about nothing, but continue to talk anyway about things that cross my mind like if I get gender reassignment surgery and still wear a man's clothing, does that make me a cross-dresser? If that was a run-on sentence, I do not care. I like how racecar can be easy to spell for dyslexics. Bob must drink a lot, whomever he is!
Well my amigo, that is all that I can think of for now, except to the post office I must go to Yoda stamps I must get!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you included me in your dream trip to Vegas. Was Greg playing Keno? He didn't get that from me. The weird part...I'm not sure, probably part from both sides. Hopefully, Danielle will get some sane genes from Babs.

If you need someone this weekend, let me know. I didn't see the need help till after the fact. Sorry. I usually read every day, but once in awhile, I miss it. I can't read the blog at work. They have that stuff blocked. If you need help in the future, you can always give me a call on the phone.

Love You Guys,

Great Aunt Carolyn