Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Pantera or Saliva?

I can't figure out which one Andy likes better. Out of all the MP3s I've played today, those seem to be his 2 favorite bands. What a cool kid. This is the same kid who falls asleep listening to Puppets. Maybe I should play some death metal for him and see if he likes it. :/

Blood culture's still negative. The original culture was probably contaminated. He's still getting antibiotics just incase.

The antibiotic that he's on turns his skin red if he doesn't get Benadryl first. When this happened yesterday it was a bit scary at first, then it was downright funny.

It took me until midnight but I was able to get in 8 hours of work yesterday. I'm at about 3.5 so far today believe it or not.

My dad came up today for a little while. He was happy because he got to play with Andy a bit. I was happy because I was able to take a shower and eat some lunch. It really put Andy in a good mood seeing paw-paw today.

One of the oncologists is so happy with the way Andy looks. He's nothing but positive. I love it when he's on service because he's so darn positive and optimistic.

Hahahaha! I wish I had some video of Andy dancing right now! Now he's moshing! :)

Ok, enough of that. That's basically all for now. Cute pics & videos coming soon!


Anonymous said...

Pizza place or spit ...hmmmm...lemme see. I think I will have to go with pizza place...that's my vote!

Anonymous said...

hi greg

Anonymous said...

wow, you must have a GREAT dad critter, I mean Danny.
he he he

Anonymous said...

Whomever said hi greg, forgot to cast a vote for pizza place or spit...and forgot to identify themself!