Monday, October 15, 2007

Stage 4

Our long week started yesterday morning. Andy had a fever, so we went and paid a $50 copay so they could take some blood, give him some antibiotics and send him home.

Considering he gets no more chemo for the next 2 - 3 weeks and he'll be getting pwnz3d by surgery in a few days, it didn't stop us from going to the pumpkin farm. It's kinda turned into a tradition with us and Julie's family to go to the Rombach's pumpkin farm in Chesterfield. It was kinda a tradition when I was a kid and it's one that I really look forward to now. It marks the official start to the Kelley family holiday season.

Video to come.

Today Andy needs to follow up with the Costas center. Something grew in his blood culture, so they want to make sure it isn't contaminated.

From the Costas center we'll proceed to the MRI lab where they'll knock his little butt out and give him another CT scan.

Tomorrow - meetings.

Wednesday is the big day - surgery!

With regards to how I'm dealing with Grandpa, I guess stage 4 is setting in. I'll leave it at that.

OBTW, don't do business with Vonage. They have some shaky business practices.

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Anonymous said...

no results from the CT scan yet? I'm so sorry he has been admitted. He hates it so much. It's boring for him and he misses being at home with his whole family.