Friday, October 12, 2007

Grandpa was Buried Today

I found out at 6:40pm that Grandpa was buried today at Jefferson Barracks at 1:00pm. I think I knew about it a few weeks ago but didn't note the date. He didn't want any of us present for his burial, so I had no intention of going. I wish I could have gone, but oh well.

Another chapter closes.

And to God or whatever mysterious force keeps screwing with me... thanks a lot. Maybe you can take out my parents and my wife while you're at it. Ya know, since you already kicked me when I'm down over and over again over the last 18 months or so, you can just finish the job? Heck, why not just eliminate the rest of my family while you're at it? You haven't left very much of us! You keep pickng us off at a faster rate than we can reproduce. Why not just wipe us all out at once? Nuke my aunt's house at Chrismas while we're all there or something? Or better yet, if you really want to mess with my family, but at least be funny about it, make Greg the first ever male pregnancy and don't allow a C-section. THAT will be fun!

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Anonymous said...

i talked with a friiend of mine who's a millitary hobbiest of sorts. He was thinking aviation tech 3rd class, or a W.A.V.E. googling the WWII naval historiacal ranks might help you figure out more.
Much Love Many Prayers