Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Emma Farted

(WARNING: Long post alert. Goodies about Andy hidden in here, otherwise it's just me babbling more than Greg when he found out in 1987 that his long-time crush Nikki Sixx was actually a man.)

First off, mad props to my dad! He drove all the way into the city from O'Fallon this morning through the crappiest traffic to get here at 7:00am for me to make my meeting. He played with Andy, dealt with his crabbiness, dealt with MY crabbiness, fed him, and changed a diaper that would gag a maggot. Everyone say it with me, Thanks Dad!!!! Oh yeah, and when finished, he had to drive all the way back out to O'Fallon to let his dog out, then up to Florissant to work. He's earned the title of Superdad for the day. I'll take it back tomorrow tho. ;)

My mother as well. She's coming up tonight so that I can go home and be a dad to my other kids. I'll tend to them, make dinner, do baths (which I HATE), and put them to bed so that Julie can get some work done.

Patience too for volunteering to do the above. But move aside, I wanna be a dad again for a while, not just a hospital room attendant.

Thank you Suzanne for the suggestions regarding my dog and the school. It made me sleep a little bit easier last night.

My meeting was in Kirkwood today. I had to stop by the house for a few since it was on the way. When I did so, the kids were happy to see me. At one point, someone let out a boomer. Emma pointed to me and said, "Eww! Oo Fawted. Poop potty." To which I replied, "No, you farted!" She then looked at Joey (aka "Bubba") and said, "Bubba fawted." Then we both agreed that it was Bubba. She's really catching on to how this works.

Emma seems to be all but over her cold. I think Andy has it now. He was a little warm at one point (100.7) which is pretty much par for the course with this particular cold. Fortunately it means he only has 1 - 2 more days of it.

Speaking of Andy, he is to be discharged tomorrow. But not before we get some of Tim's BBQ again! He rocks. You'll recall Tim is the executive chef here at Glennon who caught word one day that we like BBQ. Real BBQ. That is, slow-cooked ribs, pork, etc. He's hooking us up tomorrow. :)

I got a flu shot 2 days ago and the entire left side of my body is still sore. Damn that hurts! I've never had a flu shot and never had the flu. We'll see what happens.

The good doctor put me on Prozac. I'm not too thrilled about it. He told me to try it for a year. I told him to go shit in his hat. We wound up agreeing that I'd try it for 6 months and we'd go from there. I was on it once and didn't like the way it changed my personality. I like being me.

A good "side effect" is that it reduces the frequency of migraines, which plague me from time to time.

The good doctor sent me for a diabetes test and told me I get it every 6 months until I'm down to at most 160lbs. Jerk.

Oh yeah. Just before I woke up this morning I had a dream that I was in Las Vegas visiting my aunt who lives there, but my father-in-law and my great aunt & uncle (the infamous Greg's parents) were there with me. I won 10 million dollars. It rocked. I used it to purchase the cure for cancer. Weirdness.

Matthew & Gunner Nelson were interviewed on KMOX today. If you know me then you know why that's so funny.

So far surgery's still on for next week. Thumbs up.

If I did, in fact, win 10 million dollars I would throw a huge party at my aunt Bev's house (why mess up my own house?). I would buy all the food and beer. There would be fun games with cash prizes. And everyone except Greg would be invited.

Reason #328 to be happy you live in the St. Louis metro area: Home prices / markets.

Andy just stunk up the room. I hate that. He's sleeping so I can't do anything about it. But I have to live in this room. I'm really getting frustrated with living in stench, between the babies and the 160-pound mastiff with diarreah and gas. It always stinks. Aghh.

Hi Bob! DRINK!

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